Stolen Wages

26th January
26th January

From a Hidden History workshop run by Jamie Sandy in 2014,  members said they wanted to know more about the Stolen Wages, a part of our Queensland history that many people did not know about.

We asked Rosalind Kidd, research and author of Trustees on Trial, The Way we Civilize and Black Lives, Government Lies, to come and speak about her research in this area.

From that talk a sub-committee met to discuss ways we could raise more awareness in the local community.

Lesley Williams presented her first-hand account of stolen wages to Balaangala in April 2016.

Lesly was the first claimant for Stolen Wages in Queensland and has recently released their book:  Not just Black and White:

See their podcast with local ABC Richard Fidler and more information on their website:!radio—podcasts/lb7q5

RN Background Briefing program about Stolen Wages in WA includes inerviews with Ros Kidd and is very similar to the Queensland situation’s-stolen-wages-shame/6740068

Unfinished Business:  Indigenous Stolen Wages. – Senate Report 2006