Native Plant Uses


Lemon Myrtle Cordial

1 cup lemon juice

4 cups water

2 cups sugar

piece of lemon rind (about 1 tablespoon)

1 teaspoon citric acid

2 cups fresh young lemon myrtle leaves

In a large pot, put the lemon juice, water, sugar, lemon rind and citric acid.

Bring to the boil and simmer for 3-4 minutes.

Remove from heat and add the lemon myrtle leaves.

Steep for at least 5 minutes. (Michelle recommends leaving until cool.)

Strain and put into a clean bottle.

Serve diluted with water, soda or mineral water.


Lilly Pilly Jam

lilly pilly fruit

sugar, to equal amount of liquid (see recipe instructions)

lemon juice

sterilised glass jars

Wash the fruit well and cover with water.

Boil till the fruit is soft and the fruit has lost its colour – the colour is in the water.

Rinse a piece of muslin cloth in very hot water and use it to line a colander and have large bowl underneath to catch liquid.

Tip the fruit and liquid into the colander. Don’t squeeze or put pressure on the contents (this will make it go cloudy).

Suspend the “bag” over the pot and leave overnight so all the liquid is drained.

Next day, measure liquid. Add an equal amount of sugar.

Add lemon juice. (One large lemon for a large pot.)

Heat over low heat until sugar is dissolved – THEN STOP STIRRING.

Bring to the boil.

Skim off the scum that forms on top.

Boil until setting point is reached. About 15 minutes but look for changes in the way it boils.

Use a saucer that has been in the freezer to test if it’s set – if it wrinkles or if you can push a “line” through it and it stays, then it’s ready.

Bottle in glass jars that have been sterilized (boiled for 15 minutes) and dried in a low oven.


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